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Drop it like it's hot

 photo commission__ghostyraptor_by_kittenkouhai-d77lqpe_zps22e919ea.png

My name is Zero, but you can call me anything you want.~ (I have so many nicknames. Dave, Prince, Dick, Ghosty, Paradox, seriously just pitch a nickname and odds are I'll like it and I'll go by it.)
I'm a 17 year old dorkus that just loves to draw and write in his spare time, listen to music, video games, y'know.

Pokemon Stamp by LadyQuintessenceLuna Stamp -PC- by NiflheimCrowPlague Flight Stamp by Cohayden
Knight of Time by YukinoTenshi23Derse Dreamer 2.0 by YukinoTenshi23The Knight of Time by YukinoTenshi23

I joined deviantArt on December 19, 2010. My current account LIES.
My previous usernames are; zerodaemon, Zikushimo, Zero-2-Infinity, TemporalIrony, and GlubbinMutants

I'm a heckin gay crab (even though I'm actually panromantic/asexual but ah well)

I use Paint Tool Sai with a Bamboo Create tablet to draw.

While I try to remain semi-formal to the general public (like you see on my page), once you get to talk to me I'm way more laid back and funny.

I tend to make insane typos in chats and sometimes laugh at the smallest of things. (Exhibit A: This smiley. =])

And my current main fandoms are;
Pokemon, Homestuck, OFF, Attack on Titan, and Zelda
Don't be fooled, I have far more than just these five, but they are my current main interests and I tend to fall back on them if I ever fall out of interest with anything else.

Rawr I'm a tigeeer! by Tabby-Fox


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Art for me
Commission - ghostyraptor by KittenKouhaiMason by Puple-Chaos
Commission for GhostyRaptor by ColorNova

Random art
(resubmission) badbatter by HeinousHorror
Noivern by SoullessTeddybearOFF - BadBatter - Chibi by Shimawolf
Chandelure yeahhh by Koukouvayia

Plz's galore

My plz accounts:

Favorite plz accounts:



Art status

What are you laughing at?! by Tabby-Fox

Status: Saving for a new laptop

Where else you can find me:
Tumblr Steam FlightRising
Pokemon Y/3DS FC: 3282-3585-8812
(Message/note with yours to add me! Btw, my friend safari is Bug.)

What I owe:

What people owe me:
:bulletpurple:Akota design trade from HydraCorinthian

:bulletpurple:Icon/sketch experiments of Erabeliel
:bulletpurple:Make a dragon for T-H-E---F-L-I-G-H-T
:bulletpurple:Gather 1000:points: for a Keetoo custom from GlitchedVirus (OR: wait until I get a Paypal and pay $10 instead)


Raaaawr by Tabby-Fox

My family tree Homestuck family
^ My family trees have grown too large to keep on my page, so now they're over here. ^

(If you feel I've forgotten you, tell me! I have a lot of people to keep track of and sometimes it gets hard to.)

Some inspirational peeps



Literally just a personal box of things I need to watch or read but feel free to check them out if you want ayyyy

:bulletblue:Fanfics/creepypasta/any form of reading

:bulletwhite:Fullmetal Alchemist (On ep 45-ish or something)
:bulletwhite:Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
:bulletwhite:Blue Exorcist
:bulletwhite:Hataraku Maou-Sama!
:bulletwhite:Sword Art Online (Ep 4)…
:bulletwhite:Adventure Time…
:bulletwhite:Soul Eater
:bulletwhite:Black Butler
:bulletblue:Saint Young Men…
:bulletblue:TM47 - Chapter 5
:bulletblue:Two Different Tears (Chapter 17)…
:bulletblue:Still the Same (Chapter 8)
:bulletblue:Karkat, Knight of Blood…
:bulletblue:Collateral Damage (Chapter 1)…
:bulletblue:Nightfall (MSPA fan comic)
:bulletblue:Red Potter…



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